Did Anyone Ever Tell You That You Will Never Make Money Online?

“You’ll Never Succeed Online”

Wow! Did Dan just say that, is it true? Holy crap Dan, aren’t you supposed to tell me how to succeed online and become a success? Yet here you are telling me I’m doomed to fail, what’s that all about? It’s OK I’m here to say YOU CAN!

Are you in business solely for the money? Have you ordered several eBooks on making money online but you are not any richer than the authors who wrote those eBooks? Or have you joined some money-making programs but are still broke?
Whatever you did, the bottom line is still this – you are not getting any richer or even successful for that matter, in spite of listening and taking advice from guru #1, #2 and #3, buying several eBooks, joining tonnes of affiliate and money making programs
Why is that the case?
Firstly, I am telling you that:

  • It has NOTHING to do with the eBooks on making money that you ordered.
  • It has NOTHING to do with the guru you thought you could trust.
  • It has NOTHING to do with the money-making program you have joined.
  • It has NOTHING to do with the business you are building.

THE GOOD NEWS IS…  I have acquired a very important report I am going to give for free to those who want it and take action by either signing up via email using the optin over on the right of this page or by going to my secret download page here. When you download this report you will learn the main reasons people fail online and I’m going to give it to you straight, you may not like some of what you read but that’s the whole point. I want you to get angry as you read. Hopefully this will help you avoid these pitfalls that most people face and hopefully you will learn what it takes to succeed online.
Also I want to talk about something else. You see after what has happened over the last few years in the Internet Marketing world I’m kinda peed off, almost to the point of naming and shaming.
Marketers I used to trust are promoting rubbish product after rubbish product, selfish product creators are spending more than $15,000 on a professional copywriter to make sure their product sells while only spending a few hundred dollars getting the actual product they are selling created.
Products that don’t deliver and have zero support are getting launched almost daily. You’ve seen the launches over the last few months saying things like “click your mouse 6 times and money will fall from the sky.” Well, they didn’t quite say things like that but they may as well have done as most of the sales pages have been full of lies and hype. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof.
Spend 15 minutes browsing that page and you’ll soon see there’s a ton of bad products out there.
I am so sick of it and so I have curated some of my business partners article here on my blog.
Is this really the way Internet Marketing is going?
Well, I’m pleased to report it’s not. If you think about it all these marketers are doing is burning their lists and ruining their reputations and that’s fine by me, I’ll carry on telling it like it is and making tons of sales. You see, you don’t need to use hype and lies to make money online.
Have you ever seen me hype up a product or constantly promote the offer of the week? I KNOW THE ANSWER IS NO! I speak with truth and transparency (sometimes I make mistakes as I am human, but I NEVER ever deliberately mislead people for a fast buck. I believe the truth shall set you free and that is why I wan’t you, I URGE you to download THIS REPORT HERE right now.

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