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Free Trusted File Transfer Software:
Filezilla makes FTP easy and is 100% free and has support forums and wikis, it is also kept up to date with regular bug fixes.

HOSTING DISCOUNT CODES and Special Deals: My recommended domain registrar and hosting company is Namecheap. Search All Domain Names at Namecheap

Get creative with Beast mode: the fastest domain name generator!

How To Register A Domain Name For Your Website Or Blog

Searching for a domain name and registering your chosen domain. The video below will walk you through the whole process from start to finish.

How To Get The Best Hosting Deal Complete Walkthrough

Although mentioned in the video normal shared hosting is fine for your blog or small website if you do want to get WordPress optimised hosting then there are certainly some benefits, click the banner below for full info and you also get Worpress installed for you in one click.

Share hosting and WordPress hosting is fine for personal websites, blogs and even small business websites. Typically, Dedicated Server Hosting is really only needed to benefit the following: high-traffic websites, website and business applications, content streaming, podcasting, machine learning, big data, storage, infrastructure virtualization, and game servers. You can view namecheap dedicated top tier server options at discount price here. Another reason some choose a dedicated server for business is it can help with search engine ranking to some extent because your website is not using a shared server that may have many spammy or un favourable websites on it that Google may frown upon. (but when it comes to a personal blog this is not really an issue.

Auto Responder:
AWEBER free Trial
Note: This is the most popular email auto-responder system among many marketers.

Pinging Services

Ping services basically allow you to automatically notify search engines and blog directories that your website blog has been updated.Sending regular pings to as many pinging services as possible will greatly increase your chances of  receiving traffic from those sources. Use the list of ping services below to notify directories and search engines when you update your blog. ( copy and paste the links to your browser).

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