Getting Paid to Be SOCIAL and taking back Control of YOUR info!

If you think Facebook has your best interests at heart you are wrong, If you think Facebook is a social media platform you are wrong! Here’s the bitter TRUTH and the BETTER Option….

Facebook is not a social platform it is actually THE biggest advertising platform, PII and data collection company on the planet. (PII stands for Public Identifiable Information). This is is the practice of collecting public and private personal data that can be used for monetary reasons and to identify an individual for both legal and illegal applications. (let me get this straight before i get a cease and desist or take down information order or worse still a law suite – I am not saying Facebook is doing anything illegal here) their terms and conditions of use basically mean you GIVE THEM PERMISSION to abuse your info! In fact they seem to think they are a law unto their own. I’ve had them take my money for paid ads, run the ad then tell me AFTER they took my money that my ad went against their terms or conditions and banned my ad account without any further explanation.
Facebook’s most recent reported annual net income amounted to 29.14 billion U.S. dollars!!

No Matter Why You Network, You Can Do It Better AND GET PAID FOR BEING SOCIAL with Webtalk.

Yes that’s right this post is not only a rant against Facebook but I want to introduce you to webtalk who will PAY YOU FOR DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO EVERYDAY ON FACEBOOK – Please Read on…

Not only will they pay you for posting, engaging, sharing and just being social but they don’t have the same crazy restriction and rules as facebook PLUS they even share their AD revenue with members…. I mean… Imagine if facebook gave you a share of their 29.14 BILLION DOLLARS.. Webtalk will (of course their income and reach is nowhere near the size of Facebooks… (YET!)

Do you remember what the first thing Facebook asked you to do when you registered with them? They ask you to invite your friends to connect with you. That’s right YOU invited your friends to join if they hadn’t already and you helped Facebook grow to roughly 2.89 Billion active users (at the time of writing this). Do they give you a thank you? NO, they gather your data and sell it to the highest bidder…. OK RANT OVER LET’s MOVE ON TO MY MAIN POINT.

Connect With Me on

Here’s why you would want to, when you do you will able to invite your friends to connect with you too and you will GET PAID.
Not only that but you will get paid for social engagement, just posting, liking, sharing just like you do on Facebook and other platforms for zero reward, so it’s a win – win situation.

Now here is what makes webtalk BETTER
(yes i said it) better than Facebook… I don’t expect you to take my word on that so let me prove it to you below…
  • Webtalk gives you more control over who sees what… not just public or friends only. You can categorize your contacts into all contacts, personal contacts, business contacts, acquaintances, custom groups, and even add searchable tags to each individual.
  • As mentioned you get paid for using the website.
  • The PC site is very similar to facebook so it’s intuitive and you already know how to navigate and use it.
  • They now have an APP and FRANKLY IM BLOWN AWAY. It’s hands down BETTER than the Facebook app in my personal opinion.. again very similar but much slicker, faster, more relevant options and choices putting YOU in control.

Now I could go on and on writing about all of the amazing benefits and features but I already have a few videos I made so I’ll post them below as it  much more entertaining and enjoyable to actually take in the info via audio and video..
Here are a few more app screenshots from my phone. Webtalk really seems to combine the best of Facebook, Instagram and Linkdin with even more options and features.

Customize your settings & look.

​P.S you earn money as a FREE member, but PRO members earn through 5 levels deep! That’s where the big money comes to those who make the effort…. anyway without further ado let’s get to the videos (some of which may be a little outdated as i made the first one over 2 years ago and webtalk has just improved and got stronger and better. Webtalk now has Over 7 million users, and 600,000 active members. Every month 25,000 -100,000 new members join Webtalk and we expect that to increase to over 1,000,000 per month in 2021.

​Webtalk donates 10% of profits to charity, AND shares up to 50% of revenue with it’s members through our Rewards program.

The funny thing is when I started using webtalk and posted these videos a long time ago now people didn’t believe they would ever take off or pay their users! I happy to report they have been paying me for over 2 years and I have made thousands of dollars just using this real social site and you can too.

.. with that said join me on webtalk by signing up for free using my link I’ll give you all the help including some free tools and training to make the most out of webtalk and make good money too!

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