How to Make Money on Webtalk.

The full info on webtalk, exactly what you need to do to make money after you join webtalk step by step (it’s very easy but you MUST do these simple things). Here’s my Webtalk personalized link to join

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Firstly What is Webtalk?

Webtalk was founded in 2011 by RJ Garbowicz is the founder. RJ Garbowiccz is CEO and Chairman of Webtalk and responsible for the direction and product strategy of Webtalk. Webtalk is s Networking platform or social media platform with a difference.

The difference between Facebook for example or other social media networking platforms and Webtalk is:

  • Webtalk shares revenue with it’s users which means you get paid for using the platform.
  • It has a revolutionary ‘Roladex’ type contacts manager enabling you to separate contacts into many more groups and ad tags, giving you more control than other social media platform over who sees what and how you find people.
  • Webtalk is currently in a prolonged invite-only Beta testing stage. This is done intentionally to allow the release of new products and services faster while controlling the growth, and create better products.
  • Webtalk is a bootstrapped startup competing in a space with highly capitalized multibillion-dollar competitors. Bootstrapped simply means many of the employees are working mostly for equity ownership in the company, and not cash, to keep the cash expenses low and improvement incentive high.

Can I make Money on Webtalk as a FREE Member?

YES, absolutely. You do not have to be a pro member to earn cash with webtalk, Part of the ad revenue from webtalk is shared with members and webtalk also donates 10% to charity.

The way that you get your “slice of pie” is by earning Engagement and Influencer points.

Points equate to free money just for using Webtalk and sharing great content.

Points redeem for pie slices: 1,000 points = 1 pie slice, at the end of every month, we divide the advertising revenue Pie between the number of outstanding pie slices, and that equals the amount of free (cash) ad rewards deposited into your Webtalk account! 

What Do I Need to do To Earn With Webtalk?
Webtalk shares 50% of its ad revenue back with its users for using the platform! Every month we take 50% of our advertising revenue, and we offer it back to our users in the form of a “Pie”.

Firstly you need to register free and FULLY complete your profile which is easy as the wizard guides you through this. When you complete your profile 100 percent and sign the agreement with your ID card name and link a payment method, (so you can get paid) you get an instant five dollars in your reward balance. And when you refer someone, when they do these three things, you also get five dollars, which goes into the pending balance .When your referral receives the first payment of one hundred dollars, you will receive a pending bonus. Payment methods for you to receive your money include Paypal, Stripe, Payoneer and others. So you can get paid GLOBALLY. If in Pakistan you can get a Payoneer account using the Jazz Cash app in Pakistan.

IMPORTANT You must complete the above steps , this is called ‘Reward Enrollment’ if you do not complete the above steps you will not be eligible to receive reward points and make money.

Exactly How to Earn Money With Webtalk and How to Increase Your Earnings.

So webtalk pays you for several things (which is awesome – when was the last time Facebook Paid YOU?)

Engagement points are awarded for your activity, and influencer points are award for activity from others who engage with content you share to your newsfeed.

Firstly Ad revenue. Sponsored ads appear within your newsfeed just like on Facebook… the more views the ad gets the more points you accumulate and the points are converted into cash rewards.

When a member sees the ad from your timeline or post you get rewarded and so does the viewer. So to increase your earnings by post quality content that others share and and when the shared post gets more views you get more points again. Likes and comments may also increase your post view thus boosting your views and rewards (you do not get points for likes and comments… but the more likes and comments you get the more exposure your post gets and again the more exposure you post and the sponsored ads gets the more you earn). iN addition if someone click on the ad and views it for 60 seconds or more you get an additional pints reward!

Even as. free member you can make money with webtalk. Use your referral link to invite family and friends and get paid even more as they earn you earn. Remember you can get a free sign up bonus of $5 just for completing your profile an enrolling in the rewards program. Once your rewards value reaches $100 you get paid via your selected method. ALSO once your personal referral reaches this level and gets paid you will get a $5 bonus.

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You are also able to make money for PRO UPGRADES even if you do not upgrade to pro yourself….. Here’s how that works…

What is Webtalk Pro Upgrade and How Does it Effect You?

As a free member you will earn from your level one referrals, so if someone you refer upgrades to pro you will get a payment of $2/month (if they choose the monthly plan) …. but here’s where it gets SUPER EXCITING is if YOU become PRO you can earn 5 Levels deep and a LOT, and I Mean a LOT more …here’s an example of how Pro works:

Your number one goal if you are already a PRO customer should be to directly refer at least 10 PRO Customers yourself, which will pay enough every month to cover the cost of your PRO service.

ie. Refer 10 and get your PRO service FREE

This will also automatically award you with the 5-level bonus.

Then when your referrals refer 10 PRO customers to get their PRO service free, you also get commissions.

Let’s say the average PRO sale is $200 for a year of service. Each referral will pay you $20 per year.

If you refer 10, then you earn $200 per year, which is enough to pay for your own PRO service at a cost of $200 per year.

Then if they do same, and that duplicates through 5-levels of referrals, this is what can happen…

1. $200/year commissions (10 direct PRO referrals)
2. $2K/year commissions (100 indirect PRO referrals)
3. $20K/year commissions (1K indirect PRO referrals)
4. $200K/year commissions (10K indirect PRO referrals)
5. $2MM/year commissions (100K indirect PRO referrals)

Now to be clear I am not making any income guarantees or income claims as that would be against the law. The above is just an example and many people who join will refer no none… some will refer some won’t and there is no guarantee how many people others will refer but your earnings will be reflected by the amount of time and effort you put in to both creating content AND referring others.

NOTE: Top content creators such as influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, celebrities, media outlets, and brands WILL be the top earners from our Activity Rewards because they are creating content people want to view.

If you are not a top content creator, then you can still maximize your activity rewards by referring top content creators to join Webtalk. If your referrals make $100,000 from our Activity Rewards, so will you!

So with that said I hope you found the information you were looking for and got value from this post. Please leave a like or comment below and if you wish to join my network on webtalk you can do so here

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