Microsoft Word or Google Docs?

Benefits Of Using Google Docs

So Microsoft office and word used to be the go to program for creating documents and have some great benefits  however have been largely replaced by

One of the really great features of Google docs is the autosave feature which in theory means you should never lose your work again! There is an exception to this which I will be WARNING you about at the end of this article. Another major benefit of using Google docs is as it is cloud based you can easily access your work whether you jump from PC to phone or from one computer to another and also give access to other people anywhere in the world to view or edit without having to physically send them large files attached to email etc.
You can even all work on the same document or file at the same time in real time.

Getting started with Google docs is as simple as creating an account, click create new document, then give it a title and start typing.
The really great thing as already mentioned is every word you type is already saved… so it doesn’t matter if your computer dies, you can simply log back in again later (or anytime from any other device) and there is your document safe and sound.
This used to be a real issue with Microsoft Word, because you had to manually go to file…. save and make regular saves otherwise you ran the risk of losing all of your hard work of something unexpected happened or if you accidentally closed the file without saving first. 
Sending a Google document to other people is simple, you just click send and a link is generated… you can change the permissions for the link so that anyone with the link can view and give editing permissions too so others can work with you on the same document as we already discussed, rather than with Word where you would have to send the actually file have them editi it then send it back to you where you would then have to save it as a different file (meaning you have several different versions of the file) or if you saved it with the same filename you would overwrite your original and again you lost your original file.

All of your Google docs are stored in the same place and visible in your account so no searching in different folder for different files on your computer.
Google docs has some really cool templates you start with and all the editing features you would expect. All in all Google docs is fantastic, its free and can really help you better manage not only your files but your time!

Here’s The Downside and WARNING!

Now there are two things which you absolutely must understand as it is cloud based and owned by Google and they are:
1. Privacy…. no matter what google might tell you, They (Google) have access to your documents and everything you store in the cloud with them and you don’t know who could be looking at your documents or who they could share your info with…. this is not a huge problem for most people and general documents unless you have something that is very private or contains sensitive information.
2. Something else you should keep in mind and most people don’t consider is that Google could take down or delete your info from the cloud or refuse you access should they so want to.. THEY HAVE THE POWER and THEY ARE IN CONTROL of what you store on google cloud. So this actually means the biggest benefit of having everything autosaved safely meaning you don’t need to save your documents offline is not 100% true. Imagine you have several months or even years worth of important documents safely saved on Google docs and they suddenly decide to delete your account…. refuse you access… or in the worse case scenario decide they are no longer going to provide this free service and even charge you to get you info back or permanently delete it at will!

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