My Daily Choice 2.0 Review

MDC has become an even bigger powerhouse of brands and I’m here to give you the NEW MDC Review.

What is up guys and girls two of my favorite vehicles to create wealth and multiple streams of income online are Health and Wellness and Crypto Currency!

To learn more about the new features added , the new back office, new app and in house one of a kind custom ne tech View my full mdc new review on youtube here

In 2018 I joined a company that grew 1000% almost overnight because they were pre-positioned ahead of the trend which would sweep the nation (which at that time was CBD) Now stick with me because a lot has changed since then and i’m here to give you my honest review of MDC 2.0 and My Daily Choice as now have a whole host of new product lines and ‘house of brands’ and have also just mades some huge updates and improvements to the comp plan, a brand new website overhaul and added some exclusive brand new technology they developed themselves.

They just did it again (bringing out a brand new product line that is trending right now and something that everyone is talking about) and this time the topic is rising fuel costs and the product is called FFX Fuel Factor X and it saes you money on Gas or ‘petrol’ as we call it in the UK.

I figured it was definitely time I did new MDC review especially as they just came up with V 2.0 with a brand new website revamp , a tone of great tools , capture pages and features and an app that other companies would charge hundreds for, and MDC is FREE to become an affiliate and have access to all this.

Now in 2016-17 I was approached several times by a few people to join this company and I turned the opportunity down which I later came to regret and wish I had got in sooner. be telling you more about the other groundbreaking products in a moment, but click here for a quick look at a CBD funnel I made back then and I still give a copy of this funnel to my team for free and host it for them for free all coded with their links so They get to leverage my video and funnel and They get to keep all the profits. for those that want to use it.

In 2014, MDC began its journey with humble beginnings to help people break down barriers and create change in their life. Each year, MDC experienced organic growth through hard-work and dedication to the field. In 2017, MDC concluded the year at $10M in sales which would lead to a journey of unprecedented growth. In 2018, MDC grew to $100M+ and then $170M in 2019. This record breaking through led to expansion into Europe, Asia, Latin America, and other markets worldwide.

One thing is for sure and that is that when you look at the MDC affiliate program you will find an unmatched opportunity, My Daily Choice pays almost DOUBLE the industry standard back to its affiliates.

  • The compensation plan pays out up to 85%
  • There’s 7 different ways to get paid.
  • It pays WEEKLY and monthly and it’s unmatched to anything else which is out there.

Before I move on to what’s new with MDC 2.0 another thing is is with My Daily Choice all of the technology they have been working on is given away to to affiliates for free (no platform fee like some other companies) that includes replicated websites… prospecting tools, training, marketing systems and a mobile app and it’s all 100% free to affiliates.

Another thing which separates MDC from other companies is the ‘ house of brands’ .

Just imagine being able to market not only one brand in one particular niche category but being able to market so many brands at once. Most companies have a single product or category and a life cycle so finding so many products with brand new trending products being added.

So again finding a company that has products for everybody is a big deal and there simply aren’t other companies doing it at this level of product quality , service and affiliate payout.

Daily sprays was the firsts products the CEO Josh launched in MDC. There are 11 different sprays and each spray contains 240 sprays per-container has a unique health benefit, you can find out more on the website. Jenna founded Hempworx after using CBD products to restore her own health and what MDC did was found some of the best American farms and developed the most pure quality controlled CBD tinctures and products. There are products for the whole family including tinctures, topicals , soft gels, hair care , face masks, coffee infused with CBD even pet products. One of the most important things is the quality and the rigorous testings and sampling and documentation that goes into every batch.

BodyMelt comprises of a nutritional brand that you can take every day , that are clean, delicious, and affordable and the BodyMelt Brand Addresses the 4 pillars of weight loss and wellness.

  • Detox
  • Nourish
  • Accelerate
  • Build

Mantra: So many people that use CBD products also use essential oils, so this was an industry which perfectly complimented the Hempworx products. They are natural wellness solutions you can diffuse in your house as single oils or you can use the oils topically.

After they created the Mantra brand they decided to add mantra scents. it’;s like cologne or perfumes made from the essential oils and without chemicals,. They decided to name each scent after some of their favorite affirmations….

  • Abundant
  • Confident
  • Loved
  • Powerful
  • Resilient
  • Worthy

Then they launched the Mantra Synergy which is a collaboration between the Mantra brand and hempworxs. These are roll-ons you rub them onto your skin and they contain essential oils as well as some of the most popular cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN.

Cosmicology. The original idea for cosmicology was to combine cosmetics with skin care. The great thing about these products is they are good for your skin,

Hemp Moma: this is a apparel line made out of hemp and even recycled plastics from out of the ocean so a real way to make an impact on the environment and just be proud to wear as well as being stylish and durable. another brand that hempworx users love.

Beyond. The healthier way to eat chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolates.these chocolates. These products are filled with antioxidants there is a dark chocolate shake and even an energy product to get you going.

Akashx: We have seen the forex and especially the cryptocurrency market interest grow hugely over last few years., But not everyone knows how to get started and how to take it to the next level so what MDC did was get into that growing space and give people an easy way that they could learn. So the Akashx gives members a video training library social trading platform, market research tools and a trading platform called coinzoom.

High Life Travel. This platforms gives members to access to a platform that give users access to deep discounts up to 70% on public rates at Hotels worldwide.. DIscounts on eating out at 60,000 dining merchants.. If you like to rent a car while you travel there are discounts on 65,000 car rental locations. If you love to shop till you drop there are over 200,000 shopping locations the membership saves you money at. If you love fun activities and excitement when you travel there are discounts on activities for 50,000 locations and if you are looking for a luxury stay you can book a vacation at a top location at an unbeatable price.

Fuel Factor X. This product has been added (so again MDC hitting the market with a trending product just at the right time because everyone is talking about the soaring prices of gas or fuel or petrol as you call it in the UK. Now product itself has been tested and used by companies in plant machinery and vehicles for more than 15 years. But Is now available exclusively through My Daily Choice. It works great in cars boats ATVs and construction equipment to save money on fuel by simply burning fuel more efficiently while at the same time cleaning the engine and reducing emissions. There are other products available but each product does one thing and Fuel Factor X does them all one product. People think the only way to save money on gas is to buy an electric car when actually this product can SAVE you more than what it cost you!. And who doesn’t want to save money on something they already use everyday!?

Watch my Full My Daily Choice 2.0 Review on Youtube here

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