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Most people who start off with an internet business try and do everything themselves, and rightly so, at first you need to, you need to gain experience, save money, learn the little tricks and tips that will help you later on to see if your freelancers are doing a good job – but you can’t keep doing that if you really want to succeed!

You can build your business a lot quicker (and easier) by getting other people to do those things you are weak at or don’t enjoy, or even just things that take a lot of time, leaving you free to do the easy enjoyable stuff – that is the ‘internet lifestyle’!

It also means you can take time off to spend with your family without feeling guilty, safe in the knowledge that your business is being built without you needing to be anywhere near it!

In this guide I’m going to take you through what, where and how to outsource so that you can supercharge your business, even if you are just starting out then learning how to reinvest your profits into outsourcing to grow your business can save you years of tedious slow growth and have you sipping cocktails on the beach in no time! (well not quite, but you could if you really wanted to!)

We’ll begin with the advantages, and yes some disadvantages, of using freelancers compared to hiring permanent staff to help you, then get into how to quickly build up your business with outsourcing, the 7 deadly sins of outsourcing (so you can avoid the mistakes I made!) and then we’ll get into the what, where and how that you need to know.

Advantages/disadvantages Over Permanent Staff

Most people when they think about getting some help for their business automatically think about hiring someone permanently to sit with them all day and pound away on a keyboard doing all the things that they don’t like to do, and you can do that, traditional businesses do it all the time, but an online business is anything but traditional!

You see the problem with getting permanent staff is that you then have to start a payroll, you have to worry about insurance, employment laws, healthy and safety in the workplace, giving them equipment, making sure they are sat at their desk properly to avoid RSI, maternity leave, paternity leave, holidays, training, need I go on?

So you need to think about all those things, as well as paying them a lot of cash each month, making sure they are always working, not surfing the net, then you need to worry about the employment process, and about the firing process – it is a LOT harder to get rid of a permanent member of staff than a freelancer.

With outsourcing then you can outsource to different people for different things, so rather than trying to get one person in and force them to make videos, submit to directories, write articles etc, then I can outsource projects to different sets of people who are already experts in that skill! This means I get better quality work and I get it faster and cheaper.

Not to mention the fact that (and this is both an advantage and disadvantage) the freelancer is only ever employed for the length of a project, you can stop using them as soon as the project is over and go elsewhere if they are not pulling their weight.

This means they are super motivated to do the job you gave them well, and in the time you gave them, a permanent member of staff has no such motivation, they are there from 9 – 5 so it makes no difference how quickly they do something, but a freelancer makes less money if they take longer than they should to finish something.

Now of course it is not all rosy, freelancers can let you down and just go AWOL on a project, I’ve had that happen a few times, and it can really leave you in a mess, with a permanent member of staff you can check on them every 5 minutes to make sure it is going ok if you want!

You will also have a communication delay, even if you are in the same timezone (which often you are not) then there could be a delay of hours in them getting back to you on any questions you have, if they are in another timezone it could be 24 hours before they get back to you….

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