Paid Surveys Online Tips To Avoid The Scams

Paid Surveys… are they really worth your time?

Making money completing simple surveys online can be a way to make a few extra bucks and sounds easy, but Here’s the shocking truth about online paid surveys they don’t tell you…

When it comes to online survey websites that pay you to complete surveys and give your opinion many of them are outright scams that you will never actually get paid for for. Some sites will have you complete a 20 minute survey only to tell you at the end “sorry this survey is not suitable for you” and many will require a minimum $100 earned before they actually pay you out.. now considering most of them pay less than $0.50 that means you would literally spend weeks completing surveys just to reach your payment threshold and then guess what… only when you try to withdraw do they disclose other facts like your payment will be on a gift card for which you have to apply and meet certain criteria to be approved…. or they come up with some other reason why you do not qualify! It Sucks I know.

The Good News is Not All Survey Websites are Scams

There are also some reputable and trustworthy websites out there which do actually pay you for your time and your opinion. But to make it WORTH your time you have to be very careful.
I have tried and tested dozens of these websites and have found only one or two that are actually worth bothering with at all.
Out of the Many different survey websites I have tested and tried to withdraw money from there really is only ONE I personally recommend… I am sure there are some others and I know a few people using other websites successfully but if you want to make money from surveys, even watching a few seconds of video or signing up for a free website then click here for the very best option. Where you will find all the best offers and the best price for your valuable tine.
I decided to make a quick review video which you can see below.

Some Tips to Look Out For and Mistakes To Avoid When Completing Online Surveys.

  1. Before joining any survey site check the payout threshold you must reach before payment will be released. (You don’t want to have to spend weeks even months to make enough money to be eligible for a withdraw.
  2. When starting a survey any honest website will tell you right away if the survey is available in your country. Some less trustworthy sites will have you complete a 20 minute survey onky to tell you it is not available in your country so you wasted your time .. but believe me they will still sell your information or get paid for your opinion even though you don’t
  3. A good company will tell you how long the survey is expected to take and exactly how much you will be paid for competition. Less reputable websites will have you completing dozens and dozens of questions never really knowing when the survey will end so you don’t even know if it is worth your time.

In Summary:
You CAN make some extra income in your spare time completing surveys but it is definitely NOT going to make you rich. The great thing about Timebucks (click here to go to their OFFICIAL website) is you can earn by watching videos… simply registering  on a website and many other simple task as well as surveys and everything is transparent so you know exactly what you need to do to get paid and the minimum payout is just $10 direct to your paypal account.

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