High Power Tips To Increase PPC Conversions

When it comes to Pay Per Click conversions it may not be the campaign inteself you need to tweak. Often there are other things you need to focus on first to increase the success of your PPC campaign…

The first thing and this is the most obvious yet most overlooked part of the process… Focus on your website or landing page itself. If you can increase several factors on your website to create more engagement, getting users to spend longer on your website you can often increase your website conversion. SO if more people become customers on your website (increased conversion) then this means more people buying without increasing the number of visitors… then that in turn means you also increase PPC conversions which means you can afford to spend even more on the PPC campaign so getting even more exposure (eyes on your ad) …. drive even more visitors and make even more sales and continue to scale up your profits.. You can continue to scale like this until you reach a ne plateau. 

Two Factors Which Will Increase Sales & Conversions

  • SALES COPY this isthe number one thing which is going to affect your sales. Having good sales copy can mean the difference between making zero or a few sales to literally bringing in multiple sales everyday on a continual basis. Your sales copy is simply the persuasive copy or sales pitch you have on your website, this can be written copy and or video. If your site uses only text ad eye catching images (you probably already have this on your website). The next thing is consider adding Video content if you don’t already have it. Video is PROVEN to get more conversions. According to Unbounce, using videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. This is because videos are engaging, increase the time visitors spend on a page, and can also evoke a sense of trust in customers.

People have a very short attention span.. you need to grab their attention, peak their interests and give them what they are looking for in a compelling headline right away. If they have to scroll and search just to find what your website is about or to find what they are looking for they will most likely leave…. FAST!
This is where a sales or informational video at the top of the page right below a gripping headline work well.

Visitors love to scan quickly for info too, so having the video on autoplay can be useful so they are listening to the video as they natural scan down you page.
Most people are not going to read every word they will scan your page picking out certain words, phrases and headlines. This is where having several sub headings and bolding important text works wonders. Include the most important relevant info in multiple headlines throughout the page.

Here’s How To Remove Risk and Remove Buyers Remorse….

As with any kind of marketing you need to be able to build trust and rapport with your customers. (this applies to email marketing, face to face, in messenger and even on your website). 
So how do you remove risk? SIMPLE…
​Apart from offering a money back satisfaction guarantee, you can use stats, previous buyers testimonials and social proof. Social proof are a bit like testimonials but are in the for of reviews and recommendations. To remove buyers guilt you simply need to prove your how your product is of real value, ideally get your prospective customers to see it as an investment not just an expense.

Factor Number 2 of the Simple Ways To Increase Conversions

The Value Proposition We already touched on providing value in the first point above, but this is important and deserves a section of it’s own and you need to understand how to have a value proposition that works. A real value proposition is not just about the product (although that is part of it). You need to be selling a ‘lifestyle’ or ’emotion’ or both. Give your buyer a picture in their minds eye of how having your product / service is going to improve their life, It need to evoke emotion making them already feel the difference it will make in their life… this could be making them feel fitter, healthier , wealthier, having more time freedom, or just the great plain and simple emotion of happiness. So your copy and your video should be focussing on what your product will do for them and how it will make them feel, asking them questions along the way helps to do this. Features of the product need to be there… but the focus is on how will this benefit them and how will it make them feel. (i’m sure you have heard that selling benefits not features is important before). But there needs to be both and there needs to be more as we discussed, Build Trust, provide a value proposition and evoke emotion and you sales will increase.

PS Be sure to check out my video log ‘How To Sell More With One Simple Question’

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