The Power Of Purpose – Are You Motivated Enough

In order to stay motivated to become successful you must have a strong ‘WHY’ your why is the reason you are going to stay motivated no matter what obstacles you encounter. It is your purpose and you must NEVER forget or underestimate the power of your purpose!

Positive Self Motivation is an essential characteristic of successful people. Unsuccessful people will focus on reasons why they can’t or focus on obstacles and past failures, while successful individuals see failures as stepping stones to success, focus on their ‘why’ and consistently work towards their goals visualizing the outcome of what it will bring them. Achieving your goals will not only bring you financial rewards but also satisfaction, time freedom, more options. For some their motivation may be providing more for their family such as a nicer house and better quality of life, more holidays, being able to eat out at ant restaurant without ever having to check the menu prices before ordering! 

Your Only Limitations Are Those You Set Yourself!

Henry Ford was reported to have once famously said “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right”.

This is so true in many ways. If you start out believing you are going to fail then you are littertally setting yourself up for exactly that. When you have a thought neurons are fired in the brain to make that though become a reality. It’s how we are able to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Those that tell them self ‘I can’t’ will obviously stop before they have even given it their best shot. You have to believe to achieve. 
Many things in life can seem hard or even impossible at first, until you do it once, after that it become easy. So what enabled us to do it once and for it to become easy?…… Belief!

Here are two perfect examples… when a baby is learning to walk the parents encourage the baby to keep trying and encourage every little step… the baby see’s other people walking and there is never any doubt in their mind that they are not going to succeed…. even after tumbles and falls, a few knocks and some grazes they never give up because they know it is possible.

Another example is learning to ride a bike when we were a child. At first try it seems almost impossible to keep balance and make it happen , but our self belief tells us we can do it with practice because we see others doing it so it’s not an option for us to think it is not possible. That is how you must deal with all obstacles and goals… You have to believe with all your heart that no matter how hard it seems no matter how many hurdles there are YOU CAN DO IT!

This is proven also in so many sporting and other records. For years people just assumed running a mile in under 4 minutes was impossible because that was the standard set back then … but On May 6, 1954, Englishman Roger Bannister became the first to run a mile in under four minutes. After that the record was matched and beaten by others. 

Don Bowden, a 1956 Olympian at 1500 meters, was the first American to break the “magic” 4-minute barrier in the Mile, and at age 20, the youngest to-date to run under the coveted 4 minute benchmark of excellence.
Why?  Because the limitations and belief we set on our selves or those set by society changed.
The current world record for one mile is 3:43.13, set by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco in 1999.
Now these people didn’t doubt themselves, it took training, hard work and failures, but they continued to believe they could do better, create new records and be the best at their game and they failed forward to success.
That is what you must do ‘Fail forward to success’ never give up on your goals and dreams, You can do it. Visualize yourself achieving thats goal… feel the emotion with all the senses… what would it feel like to achieve that goal, how would it make you feel, engage your senses.. feel it in your heart.. hear it see it. When you attach emotion to visualisation of your goals your brain wires even more circuits, creates brand new connections and fires new pathways to help you achieve it.

So clearly define your goal, and your purpose, and go after it like nothing can stop you…. obstacles are put in your path simply to test you for you to overcome and failures are all par for the course. Treat failures a stepping stones to success.

Write your goals down and keep track of your progress. You might even consider an online system or app to help you do this…. one such example is Goalsontrack.
Goalsontrack Is A Web-based System That Allows You To Set And Track Goals And Subgoals, Manage Tasks, Build Habits, Keep Goal Journal, Visualize Your Goals With Vision Board, And Keep Your Goals Organized And Motivate You To Make Progress Daily. Click Here To See the official page and Goalsontrack In Action 

A Goal Clearly Defined Is A Goal Clearly Attained!
Get rid of excuses, use daily motivation techniques such as meditation and visualization and understand you can do what anyone else has done and more!
​To Your Success !

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