What is PLR & How to Profit From it.

​ In the online world, a product which could be a report, an e-book, audio or video course with Private label right means you can take the product, edit the contents and brand yourself as the author.

Still Don’t Get PLR? OK This will make it super easy for you to understand.

When you purchase a PLR product you become the owner of the product. You can do almost anything you want with it (according to the PLR rights which will be specified by the original creator). But most of the time, you can do many things with PLR content to build and grow your online business which may include rebranding it with your name as the creator, selling it, including it in a paid membership site, offering it as a bonus or bundling iot with another product. For the greatest profits you can edit it, improve and add to it and then sell it for a premium and even get affiliates to help sell it for you. There are usually only 2 things you can do (again this will specified by the originator) and those are:

  1. You can not sell the actual RESELLER rights (so you can sell the modified product but you can not sell it as a PLR for someone else (unless the originator provided a license which says you can and this is usually called Master Reseller Rights)
  2. You usually can not give it away fro free (although again some PLR products will give you right to give it away for free which means you can give it as a free gift or use it to entice people to sign up to your list by giving the said report for free).

Origins of PLR

Ever notice how the big chain supermarkets have their very own brand or ‘unbranded’ washing powders, detergent, soap, cereal, toilet paper and even some canned foods etc.

It’s just like PLR because, most of them get it all from one main big main supplier. Once they get it from the wholesale supplier, they then modify the products by re-branding them with their own packaging, name and sometimes modify them with their chosen perfume or colors etc. So you see although PLR is a term used widely in the online industry it works just like that!

The Next Question is HOW CAN YOU MAKE MONEY with PLR

So what if you could do the same? Well you can. Now Im not talking about soap and detergent or food (although you can do that too and maybe we will look at that in another article as that is much harder to rebrand packaging and find buyers…but instead lets go back to online business and with quality content which could be used in websites, blogs or creating a sales page and adding it as your own product to your portfolio (and some PLR products come ready with a sales page ane everything so you don’t even need to create one) – but I recommend you modify and personalize it just like the big supermarkets do, otherwise you may have the same page out there as someone else…. by adding to the product and changing up the sales page you have you very own unique brand new product!

Enter the BIG business of PLR 

Even Gurus” or “marketing experts” use PLR and it has become a huge growing and way of recreating new products. One that has taken  the internet marketing world by storm.

Similar to how “soaps” were sold to supermarkets, quality online content can now be sold to marketers. Online marketers can now leverage on PLR content to grow and build their business at a rate faster like never before. Best part is, it works hand in hand with other Internet marketing techniques out there.

When you use PLR, you get to tap into a powerful way to have your own products to sell, which offers many advantages for any marketer or online publisher.
1) Save money
If you were to outsource someone to create a product or hire a standard ghost writer to write an e-book, you would need to research and brainstorm ideas for hours and then it can cost you an average of $500-$1000 per e-book to have someone create for you.

PLR products come ready made for you at affordable prices and you get to save up to 90% of production costs.
2) Save time
If you plan to go solo the process of coming up with creative ideas, doing research, writing, and designing your product can take up to months.
With PLR, you can achieve disproportionate results in a short amount of time. It only takes you a few shorts hours to get a PLR books out into the market and rake in profits for you.
3) Reduces effort
The smart marketer works smart instead of working hard. By having PLR products hot from the oven, you don’t need to crack your head to think up and research niches as all the research and keyword finding has been done for you.
Sit back, relax and let the power of PLR do its work. Quality PLR content has been created by a team of researchers, writers and designers to help you focus on what you do best, marketing the products.
4) Tap into hot, lucrative niches
You no longer have to struggle like fish in the sea with the whales anymore. PLR content gives you the ability to dominate well researched, obscure niches which have the potential to rake in huge profits for your business.

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