WordPress can do this?

WordPress has become the ‘go to’  free and open-source content management system for many. Building blogs, websites even full blown e-commerce stores becomes possible with the various themes and plugins freely available.

Building stunning wordpress websites has never been easier, although there are paid themes and plugins available for more robust tasks and slicker designs, the free themes and thousands upon thousand of free plugins do make almost anything possible.
​If you love wordpress then you are going to love this resource I came across.

One Thing That WordPress Struggles with….

If you have ever tried to turn WordPress into a membership website you probably have found like I did it becomes quit tricky to get it to perform how you want to and you need to implement not only a membership theme (the free ones are very limited in what they can do) and you also need a tonne of plugins to get the various options you would want to create  a professional looking and functioning membership website that your subscribers are willing to pay a monthly fee for to access your content no matter how great the content is. There really are some great plugins to help you with this but like I said you need to install many different plugins and then Tweak this and make make settings for that just to get it somewhat like you want it.
Building a fully blown membership website with free snippets. paid drip fed content , password protection and the like becomes quite tricky especially if you are not a real ‘tech’ person like me. Although I like to to learn it becomes very time consuming to get a membership site all running smoothly (believe me I know from experience).
That’s why I was very excited when I saw
WishList Member. It’s a membership solution that was specifically built for WordPress, has all the features you would want and expect for a membership website and is compatible with all your other most popular and favorite wordpress plugins!
Installation is as simple as installing any other plugin and it was especially designed to be the ‘one stop’ membership creation tool for wordpress. There are plenty of tutorial videos, the support is excellent and in my opinion is THE best option if you love wordpress and are looking to create a brand new membership website. Take a look at what it can do HERE.

Now another option is clickfunnels which also serves as a landing page and funnel builder, but as you may know clickfunnels has a pretty hefty monthly price to pay, which isn’t really justified if you are looking for membership site software alone. Even as a landing page/squeeze page and funnel builder I still prefer Optimize press over Clickfunnels and actually my ‘Personal’ choice for a squeeze page and website builder with the same amazing features is INSTABUILDER 2.0′ and it is my go to software for page building and split testing at just a fraction of the price.
P.S I have a complete INSTABUILDER 2.0 walk through video over on youtube here.

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